Winston Salem Bios

Bridget Orengo-Stylist, Massage Therapist

As a dual licensed professional, Bridget is uniquely qualified to assure every guest that their experience at Van Davis Aveda will be a complete success! With seventeen years of experience as a massage therapist and nine as a stylist, there is virtually nothing that is beyond her scope of training. Her passion for the earth, the general well-being of others and her desire to serve mankind show in everything she does. Whether you need an exciting new hair fashion exhibiting the latest trends, a relaxing massage using any of numerous disciplines she has perfected, or some tips on yoga (her second love), Bridget can take each to a whole new level. If a calming, yet exhilarating, salon visit is in your future, do not hesitate to call and book your next appointment with Bridget!

Brittany Gambill-Stylist

Wow!  Talk about beauty in one’s DNA!  Brittany comes from a long line of beauty professionals, her mother, grandmother, all of their sisters and her sister all excel as stylists and Brittany is no exception!    Since bringing her seven years of experience and training to Van Davis Aveda, Brittany has consistently impressed us and all of her guests with her insight and talent for all things related to hair, especially color techniques.  Her appreciation and attention to detail for every guest is amazing and she loves the opportunity to build relationships with her many cherished guests and co-workers.  Having been a cosmetology instructor for three years, she not only has the knowledge to share, but understands the importance of listening and grasping each guests goals and expectations.  She is an open-minded, caring professional and is always able to achieve outstanding results.  Her love of the outdoors and her two little angels give her lots to talk about and share and if you are looking to find a really, really special stylist, you will not be disappointed with Brittany!  Book an appointment with Brittany soon, we will look forward to seeing you!

Chris White-Stylist

As a five year veteran in the beauty industry, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and ability to the profession. During his years in the corporate arena, Chris had always had an interest in becoming a stylist, and when the time was right, he made the leap and has been enjoying meeting new guests and treating established guests ever since. While Chris loves highlighting and color treatments, the intricacies of cutting are equally exciting and he is happy to be able to execute the full service spectrum at Van Davis Aveda. The Aveda products and availability of advanced training are always a plus and enable him to expand on his conscientious and intellectual approach to planning each service. As a friendly, outgoing individual, meeting and getting to know his guests are his favorite aspects of being a stylist. As a martial arts enthusiast and musician, attention to detail are inherent in Chris’s nature and you will certainly appreciate your next appointment with Chris!

Christy “Red” Gant-Stylist

An MTV video led Christy to the beauty profession!  The ability to do both exciting and adventurous looks along with the chance to make a person’s every day look better simply resonated for Christy and she embarked on her journey over four years ago to become a top notch stylist!  Christy loves color, whether wild or subdued because it has the strength to transform every individual in to their true vision of themselves.  She strives every day to give, and receive that true enjoyment that comes from experiencing her guest’s true beauty, inside and out.  With over four years of experience in the industry, achieving numerous awards along the way, Christy has joined VanDavis Aveda to align herself with the Aveda approach to giving back to the earth as we should and because she appreciates that the natural aspect of Aveda products is simply the best path for her guests.  If you are looking for excellence and a genuine talent for hair, then book your next appointment with Christy and have a great time getting beautiful!

Elizabeth Johnson-Massage Therapist

During her fifteen years as an elementary school teacher, Elizabeth often dreamed of becoming a full-time massage therapist during her many hours spent meditating and contemplating a life spent sharing her passion for health and wellness.  As a former  marathon runner and lover of all things related to peace and nature, aligning with VanDavis Aveda and Aveda’s commitment to the earth and the community just seemed to be a natural fit as she had been a guest for many years prior to joining our team.  Since she has joined our team, the numerous positive reviews and return guests stand as testament to her love of meeting new people and treating them to the many healing attributes of a truly exceptional, spa quality massage.  Her seamless blending of aroma therapy and her gift for determining the perfect massage technique for every guest absolutely set Elizabeth apart as an extraordinary massage therapist.  Whether reflexology, deep-tissue, Swedish or any of a number of other disciplines is your preference, time with Elizabeth will be time well spent and a definite boost to your total wellness plan!  Book an appointment soon and you will certainly be glad that you took the time to see what a truly great massage can offer!

Jacqueline Perry-Stylist

A lifelong love for art, fashion, style and beauty enticed Jacqueline
to the beauty industry eighteen years ago and it is wonderful to see
what the combination of experience, passion and true talent can do!
Her appreciation for the environment and her desire to succeed
brought her to VanDavis Aveda and we are thrilled that she has joined
our team as we know you will be thrilled with your results if you book
your next appointment with Jacqueline! As an accomplished and
knowledgeable cosmetologist with an adventurous and creative side, her
ability to achieve just the right look to compliment every guest’s
individual style really enables each guest to find their unique beauty
potential. You will certainly love Jacqueline so do not hesitate to
book your next appointment soon at 336-761-1133

Kyrsten Riles-Stylist

With a deep-seeded passion for beauty and sharing her talent, Kyrsten really does hit the mark when serving her guests!  Training, knowledge, experience, and a natural gift for listening and helping every guest to find a great look are some of the many solid reasons for you to consider taking the time to schedule an appointment with Kyrsten.  Whether shaping up your current style, exploring the options and advantanges, or challenges, of a new look, or getting ready for that special event, time with Kyrsten is time well-spent!  If a new stylist is in your future, be sure to book an appointment with Kyrsten soon and see just how good your hair can look and feel!

Michelle Roper-Nail Specialist, Stylist

For over eighteen years, Michelle has been performing, and loving, the art of nail design and nail art.  Her extensive training and experience make her a true rarity in the nail industry and in addition to nails, she is also a full cosmetologist, so she can truly do it all!  Her laid back yet creative approach to nails and her ability to do amazingly creative designs has led her to many awards and winning finishes in various nail art competitions.  In addition to the art of nail design, she simply loves helping every guest to be their best in every way, so whether a rockin’ unique nail design, or a fantastic new look for an event, or just a nice cut and color, you simply cannot go wrong in choosing Michelle as your next salon/spa professional!  She can do it all!

Nancy Gobran-Stylist 

Having fun and helping every guest to see their own beauty both internally and around them are the driving inspirations behind Nancy’s decision to become a cosmetologist!  From a very young age, Nancy has always loved doing hair, make-up, nails and most anything that contributes to the overall aesthetic that leads any of her guests to feel their best.  Her perpetual drive to master every style and every technique certainly makes her a welcome member of our VanDavis family!  If you are looking for a stylist with experience, knowledge, training, passion and a true spark and energy to share that will absolutely brighten your day while you enjoy your service and receive outstanding results, Nancy is a great choice!  She is an amazing person and a fabulously talented stylist and we highly recommend considering a little time with Nancy!  She will definitely show you what true Aveda training and an expert touch can do!

Taylor Boyle-Stylist

For four years now, Taylor has been expressing herself creatively and helping people to feel good about how they look through her natural talent for cutting and coloring hair.  In addition to achieving great results with her guests, Taylor just loves getting to meet and develop relationships with so many new and diverse people while enjoying the lasting relationships she has with her already loyal guests.  If a cheerful and creative professional with a passion for hair and the gifts required to truly make a difference sounds like the type of stylist that you have been looking for, then look no further than Taylor B and call soon to book your next appointment!

Taylor (Wensel) Daugherty-Stylist

Hello, my name is Taylor! After studying and working in the beauty industry in Atlanta for a couple of years, I have now been with VanDavis for five years. From an early age my passion and style have led me to be a professional stylist because I believe it is a true art form that changes a person’s life daily and it allows me to enjoy the social interaction associated with building the latest relationships that I have with my many loyal and long-time guests. Technically, I love performing precision razor cutting and creating bold, yet natural looking color. Creating looks and styles that can be achievable at home and providing tips for each guest that are just part of the many aspects of this profession that I absolutely love! My friends often tell me that three words; creative, organized and affable, describe me personally and I think that applies to my professional approach as well. In my free time, I enjoy reading, improving my home, numerous outdoor activities and time with my dog, Mona. If you share these interests, or are looking to find a stylist that will l listen and has the skill to help you achieve that perfect new you, please give me a call, I’d love to discuss the possibilities!

Yazmin Duarte-Nail Specialist

As a nail technician for over six years, Yazmin’s attention to detail and natural ability to pamper are simply amazing! Both her long-time guests and her new arrivals finish up their nail services feeling relaxed, beautiful and looking forward to their next visit! Her love for meeting people and her passion for her family drive her to be the best that she can be and you will surely experience the benefit of her talent when you add a manicure or pedicure to your next salon or spa visit at VanDavis Aveda. Treat yourself well and book an appointment with Yazmin at your earliest convenience, you will be glad that you did!