Wilmington Staff Bios

Ashley Stetson-Stylist

Ashley recently joined Van Davis Aveda in Mayfaire Towncenter and brings over six years of Aveda styling expertise to our team! With extensive Aveda knowledge and training, some additional Vidal Sassoon training, and numerous classes to expand her repertoire, Ashley is a seasoned professional and ready to enjoy the Wilmington area, having moved from Massachusetts. Her passionate approach, her hunger for education and her positive energy all add to her desire to make people feel great about themselves to help them face the world with a positive outlook! Ashley embraces Aveda’s earth-friendly mission and loves raising her daughter to appreciate the hard work and compassion that goes in to being a top level professional. If a fun, well-trained, highly experienced stylist that has the genuine talent to achieve outstanding results sounds like the right fit for you in Wilmington, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Ashley, she is fantastic!

Courtney Wight-Stylist

With over five years in the beauty industry, Courtney brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every service and it really shows in everything that she does at VanDavis Aveda!  Her passion for helping people to feel good about themselves with creative suggestions and the talent to fulfill every guests goals have made her a joy to watch on our salon floor!  As an avid outdoor lover enjoying hiking, running, rollerblading, tennis and the beaches, Aveda is a natural fit for Courtney as there is such a positive focus toward giving back to the earth in everything we do.  If you are an active person that loves to look amazing, then Courtney is a fantastic stylist to visit for your next hair appointment!

Rebecca Lee-Massage Therapist 

Following years as a successful skin care professional and avid exercise enthusiast, Rebecca began to experience the benefits of massage to relieve muscle aches and pains and it immediately became her passion.  Since this revelation, for over twenty years, Rebecca has been sharing her extraordinary gift as a massage therapist and continues to exhibit a genuine passion for helping each and every guest to receive the same therapeutic benefits that made her a believer.  As a recipient of the healing nature of massage, Rebecca truly believes in the health advantages and healing qualities of a customized deep tissue or relaxing massage treatment.  If you are well versed in the benefits that massage brings to your life, or new to the idea of a massage, be sure to book your appointment with Rebecca and we feel sure that you will soon learn to share Rebecca’s enthusiasm for the many life benefits of a great massage experience!

Amanda Moses-Stylist

For over five years, Amanda has been wowing and impressing guests with her true passion and gift for cutting, coloring and styling hair.  From her introduction to Aveda, she knew that the company’s natural approach to skin and hair care aligned with her own and that promoting the Aveda products would be a perfect fit!  With a genuine love for meeting new people, her military connections, and her outgoing personality, being a stylist just seems right for Amanda and her loyal guests are a testimony to all that she offers as a true Aveda aligned professional.  If you are new to Wilmington, or just looking for a new stylist in the area, you will love giving Amanda a visit and we are sure that you will see why so many of her guests are absolutely thrilled that they found her!  Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Amanda soon at 910-256-0213!

Jessica DeGolyer-Esthetician

As a dual licensed professional, in massage and esthetics, Jessica has an extensive knowledge to share with her spa guests. Whether nurturing the mind and body through a massage suited to each individual’s needs, or assisting a guest in caring for their skin via a custom selected skin care regimen, Jessica has the understanding and training to help every guest reach a whole new level of health and wellness, feeling better in many aspects. Aveda products combine with the latest in a variety of approaches that you will discuss with Jessica to determine your best course of action. She will provide a service second to none and will help you to understand how best to care for any concerns that you may be dealing with. Jessica is also able to provide an assortment of additional services including ear candling, waxing services and numerous other spa offerings. Her belief that these things are important to a person’s overall well-being and mental health are what brought her to the spa industry and her passion shows in every service. If it is time for the therapeutic benefits of a spa visit, make it with Jessica and see just how beneficial a spa visit can be!

Kaitlyn Browning-Stylist

As a student, Kaitlyn won honors to participate in Beacon 2014, a west
coast hair expo, NAHA, a national stylist competition, and then went
on to be chosen among 100 out of 6,000 applicants to participate and
attend the 2014 PBA Beauty week in Las Vegas where she met some of the
most influential educators in the beauty industry. These experiences
combined with a life of exposure to the beauty industry have poised
Kaitlyn to be a rising star as a stylist. From cuts to color and
everything in between, Kaitlyn is proficient in dealing with any goal
you may have for your hair and looks forward to the opportunity to
assist you in reaching and exceeding your hopes. She has a bubbly
personality, an optimistic outlook and amazing talent so do not delay
to get in and see what Kaitlyn can do to make your visit special. If
creativity, skill and enthusiasm are attributes that you appreciate in
a stylist, you really should book an appointment with Kaitlyn in the
near future!

 Deedra-Nail Technician

As a young child, Deedra was exposed to the many therapeutic benefits of the spa environment through watching her mother, a professional nail technician, and developed a true belief in the health advantages of relaxing!  As a young adult, Deedra obtained the training and put her passion to work as a nail tech with the knowledge and the natural talent to make every manicure and pedicure a memorable experience.  Since beginning her career as a nail professional over five years ago, she has honed her techniques to provide a truly extraordinary spa nail service.  Her love of nature makes VanDavis Aveda a natural fit in her new hometown of Wilmington, NC, recently moving from Arizona, and she is looking forward to meeting new people as she shares her gifts with each new guest!  If you genuinely appreciate the benefits of a superior nail service in a relaxing spa environment, then do not hesitate to book your next appointment with Deedra during your next visit to VanDavis Aveda Salon and Spa!

Keylee Lederer-Stylist

As an avid lover of the outdoors and nature in general, it is only fitting that Keylee should have found her success in the Aveda family!  Since deciding in the ninth grade that cosmetology would be her calling, Keylee has consistently and persistently chased the training, opportunities and experience that have led to becoming an outstanding stylist by every measure.  From films, to photo shoots, to formal events, to fashion shows and weddings, Keylee excels in virtually every aspect of hair design and would love to meet you and find just the right look for you!  With over fifteen years of outstanding Aveda connection, Keylee truly lives the Aveda life, from her bike rides to her attempts to make vegan recipes delicious, she is always focused on making all around her the best that they can be!  If an appreciation for the Aveda approach to beauty, an appreciation for a professional that listens and has the skill to achieve your goals, and the desire to look your absolute best are reasons that you are considering a new stylist, then we feel sure that Keylee will be a great addition to your life!  Call Vandavis Aveda soon and book your next appointment with Keylee!

Shannon Lowe-Stylist

Shannon joined VanDavis Aveda bringing her 17 years of experience to Wilmington, NC. She is a consummate professional and loves meeting her new guests, enjoying the local beaches, and helping each guest feel beautiful. Shannon has worked with a number of beauty lines during her tenure as a stylist but has found a home with Aveda because she so appreciates the organic aspect of the products along with the company’s commitment to giving back and protecting the earth in general. Shannon has the natural talent to assist every guest and is happy to teach styling techniques and provide little tips that every guest can use to look salon fresh every day. She is a true expert in every aspect of hair design, color and care and will happily listen to your concerns and proceed to amaze with the results she is able to obtain. You will absolutely love your time with Shannon, and the results you will experience, so do not hesitate to make an appointment immediately, you will be glad you did!